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Message regarding Group Classes and  COVID-19

Until further notice, we are switching all group classes to remote lessons.  Check the calendar for information on when classes are and how to join them.  We look forward to returning to our normal schedule soon.

The Following classes are postponed.  Please check the calendar for up-to-date group classes

Monday Ballroom and Latin Classes at

                   The Center for Performing Arts

                          3754 Pleasant Ave S

                          Minneapolis, MN 55409

Ballrom Dance Class


$15 per person

$120 for 10 lessons

Packages of Lessons can be shared

7:30-8:30  Beginning

8:30-9:30  Improving

Thursday West Coast Swing Classes at

                               Duende Dance Studio

                               5808B W 36th St

                               St Louis Park, MN 55416

7:30-8:30  Beginning

8:30-9:30  Improving

Pricing is handled through Duende:

$15 per person

$120 for 10 lessons


West Coast Swing Classes With Swingesota

West Coast Swing Dance Class

Bonnie and Chris, in a partnership with Swingesota, often teach

Wednesday Night West Coast Swing Classes at Fallout Arts

Check our Calendar for when Bonnie and Chris will be teaching

Check out Swingesota for More details

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