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Dreaming of being an avid competitor? Or are you looking to brush up on your social dancing?


are the best way to improve  and reach your goals as a dancer. 

And they are fun, too!

Ballroom Dancers Dip

Competiton Training

As avid competitors ourselves, we have earned a reputation as exceptional coaches, Pro-Am teachers, and judges.  Trained in multiple dance styles, we offer a unique perspective into the many opportunities for partner dance competition.  Competitive students of ours have enjoyed much success through many years of training.

Specialties include Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and Country

Ballroom dance competiton

Social Dancing


At Dance MPLS, we believe the core of dancing to be fun, engaging, and inclusive.  As a result, we attract a lot of people just looking to brush up on their social dancing.

We teach over 20 dances including:

Waltz              Cha Cha         West Coast Swing

Tango             Rumba            East Coast Swing

Foxtrot           Salsa               Hustle

Quickstep      Triple 2-Step  Country Two-Step

Mambo          Polka               Nightclub Two-Step

west coast swing
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